Obislim Slimming Syrup-!!Herbal Slimming Syrup

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Dosage 100 grams
Gender Female
Type Ayurvedic, Herbal

We are manufacturer and suplier of Herbal Slimming Syrup

Obislim Slimming Syrupis a 100% herbal formula that helps in reducing the unwanted body fat. It’s a very effective weight loss formula with zero side effect. 

The natural herbal ingredients of Obislim Slimming Syrup helps in

1. Increasing the BMR (Basal metabolic rate) of the body

2. Burning the unwanted fat

3. Suppressing the appetite

1. Obislim Slimming Syrup is based on thermogenic weight loss formula that naturally assists body in burning more calories through efficiently using stored fat

2. The medicine curbs individuals’ appetite and level of HDL cholesterol that is essential for body

3. It decreases levels of VLDL and LDL cholesterol present in body

4. Comprises powerful herbal combination that targets digestive system by promoting absorption in intestine

5. Facilitating absorption of useful material in body as well as at same time discarding others

6. It supports release of toxins that causes increase of weight

7. It basically treats cause of obesity by controlling hunger and keeping person's satisfied

8. Safest anti obesity ayurvedic medicine with zero side effect

9. Revives body’s fat burning metabolism

10. Burns harmful cholesterol content

11. Enhances digestion

12. Improves immune system


V.Excel International
Surbala Devi(Marketing Manager)
B-46, Gazipur Village, Delhi - 110096, India





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